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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Selecting chocolate gift baskets for that upcoming special occasion can be a simple way to send some good wishes in a unique way!

So the next time you’re looking for unique gift ideas to celebrate a special occasion, to send a thank you, or simply cheer someone up, chocolate gift baskets offer plenty of opportunities to make it a memorable event!

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Classic

Chocolate gift baskets can range from simple assortments of quality chocolate bars and baked treats, to elaborate basket filled with the recipients favorite brands of confections. From tempting truffles to decadent cookies, you’re sure to find something special for that upcoming event or occasion.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Chocolate gift baskets make great hostess gifts for a dinner party, a birthday celebration, or even as a get well soon gift for someone who is ill. Filled with samplers of premium brands and classic chocolate bars, chocolate gift baskets make it easy to send a memorable gift. For the recipient who has a gourmet sweet tooth, a variety of premium assortments and confections are available from the worlds finest chocolatiers.

chocolate gift baskets

Golden Godiva Tower

Milk chocolate, caramel-filled squares, dark chocolate truffles, and exotic candies make it easy to create a customized chocolate gift basket for any chocolate lover. Dark chocolate squares and milk chocolate balls can be used as fillers to create a unique assortment, along with giant chocolate bars, coffee samplers, and boxes of mint chocolates. All of these can be included in any size basket, creating a signature gift with the recipients favorite tastes in mind.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Survival Kit

Gourmet baskets filled with chocolates, snacks, and gourmet baked treats offer another opportunity to indulge. When you’re looking for a gift that provides some unique dessert options for a celebration dinner, anniversary, or even a wedding party, chocolate gift baskets filled with baked treats offer an alternative to standard gifts. These chocolate gift baskets can be made with an assortment of brownies, cookies, and other delights that are a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys sweet treats on a regular basis. They’re also a great option as a thank you or congratulations token of appreciation, and can be shared with the entire family or group.

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Galore

Chocolate gift baskets are the perfect addition to any upcoming celebration, and can be created in a variety of unique ways. From the simple box of chocolate treats to elaborate bouquets with classic confections, you’re sure to find something to suit any sweet tooth!

Please visit my website to find these chocolate gift baskets and many more!

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Easter Gift Baskets – A Great Way to Celebrate

Easter Gift Baskets

I’m sure most of us have many great memories of our Easter traditions as a child. My favorite memories were getting my Easter basket, having an Easter egg hunt and having Easter brunch with my extended family.

Easter is such a special time of year. I can recall fond memories of Easters past when my parents would hide brightly colored eggs in the yard and send my sister and I out to find them. What joy we had running around the yard, looking in every nook and cranny for the eggs we had hand decorated together the day before.

Image Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, at

Image Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, at

As I recall, whoever found the most Easter eggs always received a special gift, usually a dollar or two. That was a lot of money to us kids in those days.

After the hunt, we would get together with our extended family for Easter brunch. This was always the Easter tradition in my family. I can still recall the happiness and joy we shared as a family during those Easter gatherings.

But, the highlight as a child was eating our chocolates, jelly beans, marshmallow candies and other sweet treats from our Easter baskets. I think I always enjoyed digging through the plastic green “grass” the most. It was like discovering gold to dig through the basket and find one of the last few treats which had fallen to the bottom. And they were always the jelly beans!

Today, I get just as much enjoyment from watching my grandchildren having the same fun I had as a child. It’s wonderful to view another generation enjoying the traditions of the past that still remain so much a part of our culture.

Unique Gift Baskets

One of my new Easter traditions, is giving Easter gift baskets to my family and close friends.

easter gift baskets

Deluxe Easter Basket from LaBella Baskets

They’re wonderful for the kids and the adults all appreciate them as well. Like me, they remember the joy of getting Easter baskets.

Easter gift baskets are filled with delectable treats that both children and adults can enjoy.

easter gift baskets

Deluxe Easter Tower from LaBella Baskets

There are so many Easter baskets you can order online for adults and children alike. And, I think they are so much better than the commercial Easter baskets you see in stores.

easter gift baskets

Little Princess Disney Easter Fun from LaBella Baskets

I order enough for my friends and family, since Easter gift baskets can be shipped anywhere. I find that they make a great gift for kids or for the kid in all of us.

This year, I may even order one for myself. I may be older, but I still have a sweet tooth!

Check out my website to see these and many more Easter gift baskets that will delight your family and friends.

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Groomsmen Gifts

Great Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Choosing gifts for groomsmen can be a difficult task for many grooms. Most grooms don’t want to go with a gift that is too traditional, but they also struggle with feeling that a gift that is too creative may not be appropriate.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a groomsmen gift is not whether it is traditional or unique but whether or not it fits the personality of the recipient. As long as you know your groomsmen very well and put an honest effort into finding their groomsmen gifts, you are sure to find gifts that will be enjoyed by your groomsmen.


groomsmen gifts

Personalized Flask

One of the most traditional groomsmen gift ideas is a flask. If this is something that you think your groomsmen will fully enjoy, then by all means go out and buy them the most attractive silver or leather flask that you can find and have it personalized. Its important to choose a gift, not because of its traditional connotations, but because you know the groomsmen will cherish the gift. If you believe that your groomsmen have a use for a flask or will be touched by receiving such a traditional gift as a souvenir, and not be concerned by its lack of practicality, then a flask may be a wonderful gift idea.  You can make it more special by having the flask engraved.

CD Case

If you know that your groomsmen enjoy music, a CD case with a few CD’s chosen specifically for the groomsmen can be a great gift idea. This is a wonderful gift idea, because it is sure to be used often by the recipient, and your groomsmen will remember your wedding day each time they listen to one of their CD’s. This is also a thoughtful gift because including CD’s that you know your groomsmen will enjoy, shows that you really put an effort into choosing the gift. Personalizing the gift for each of the groomsmen also shows that you see them as individuals and took the time and effort involved in making the gift unique for each of them.

Watches or Bracelets

groomsmen gifts

Engraved Pocket Watch

Watches and bracelets bare another traditional groomsmen gift idea. Depending on your budget, you might want to purchase a watch or bracelet that is appropriate to wear on your wedding day. This is a wonderful gift that not only expresses your appreciation for participating in your wedding but also gives the groomsmen a nice accessory to wear at your wedding and other formal functions.

And what about a pocket watch? Who doesn’t love the heavy feel and precision movement of a pocket watch? Clicking open the face to check the time is just one of the coolness factors of these items. Add engraving to your gift to increase its savoir-faire.

Money Clip

groomsmen gifts

Engraved Money Clip

A popular item is a money clip, and no man should be without one. Money clips come in many ingenious styles, including money clip/wallet combos, money clips with watches, money clips with Swiss army knives. They can be silver, steel or leather and personalized with engraving.

Cuff Links or Tie Clips

groomsmen gifts

Silver Plated Cuff Links

Cuff links or tie clips are still another traditional gift idea for a groom to give to his groomsmen. Almost every man has in reserve at least one special suit that requires the shirt with the cuff links. A classy groomsmen gift, cuff links show you know he’ll have more occasions than just your wedding to look his best. Although these are traditional gift ideas, you could make them more modern by giving each groomsman an accessory that suits their personality. For example, you could give your sports loving groomsman a tie clip that is in the shape of a basketball while you could give your musically inclined groomsman a tie clip that is in the shape of a few musical notes. Giving each of your groomsmen a variation of the same idea makes even the most traditional gift idea appear modern.

Jewelry Box

groomsmen gifts

Men’s Watch Box

A jewelry box lined with velvet is just the thing for storing rings, cuff links, watches and other men’s jewelry. A masculine touch is to find a model encased in leather or metal.

Travel Bag

groomsmen gifts

Men’s Travel Bag

A travel bag is a practical, classic gift. A personalized travel bag straddle the zone between luxurious and pragmatic.

groomsmen gifts

Embroidered Leather Travel Kit

Briefcase or iPad Case

groomsmen gifts

Personalized iPad Case

Celebrate the occasion with an embossed leather briefcase for your groomsman. The range of styles and colors will ensure that your gift is unique. Or how about a personalized iPad case. Both of these items are great selections for your groomsmen.

Bar or Pub Set

You can just hear the ice cubes tinkling with a classy set for the top of the bar. There are bar sets to match any decor, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

groomsmen gifts

Unique Personalized Pub Set

Or how about a personalized pub set to add some additional fun and uniqueness to your groomsmen’s man cave! Pub sets can be found in a variety of themes, so you can find something to match just about anyone’s personality.

Other Ideas

Another idea for giving groomsmen gifts is to give each man a different gift. While the groomsmen are all close friends of the groom and may have certain common interests, they all still have something about them that makes them unique.

You could recognize their individuality by personalizing a unique gift for each of your groomsmen. For example, you could give a leather journal and fancy pen to the groomsman who likes to write; and an assortment of dance CD’s to the groomsman who enjoys going to nightclubs and dancing. While traditionally grooms have given each of their groomsmen either the same gift or very similar gifts, it is also acceptable to give each groomsman a unique gift that suits their personality.

Groomsmen can be difficult to buy gifts for, because many of the traditional groomsmen gifts seem boring or impractical. Traditional gifts can be made more modern with the introduction of a twist such as a variation in each groomsmen’s gift instead of giving them each the exact same thing.

The most important thing to consider in choosing a gift for your groomsmen is to make sure the gift will reflect the personality of the recipient.

Visit my website to see more great selections of personalized groomsmen gifts.

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

  Pride of the Irish

happy st patricks day

Origin of St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17, 461 AD, when Patrick of Ireland died, a new holiday was born. Though the celebrations began in the 700′s as a traditional Catholic Holy Day, over the years St. Patrick’s Day has become more a secular holiday which marks the beginning for spring. The official date for the beginning of spring is March 21, and this also supports the tradition of wearing green. Green is the color for life and growth, and on this day if you desire good luck, you should “be wearin’ a touch o’ the green”!

irish pride

Irish Pride Tee Shirt

luck of the irish

Luck of the Irish Tee Shirt

So wear your Pride of the Irish or your Luck of the Irish Tee Shirts!

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

The spreading of Christianity and Catholicism to the Irish of the 4th and 5th century is mainly attributed to St. Patrick, who received the name of Patrick while in seminary after his captivity in Ireland. Traditions that originated back in the 7th century have changed from being strictly religious to a St. Patrick’s Day where “everybody is Irish for the day”.

Tradition has it that St. Patrick often used a Shamrock to explain to pagans the concept of the Trinity. The trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost which Christians know all stem from the same God threeshamrock in one like the Shamrock plant – three leaves from one stem. If you are wearing a shamrock you can claim Good Luck or Blessings! The tradition of the Shamrock still remains though most don’t know the reason behind it; but it still means “Good Luck” to whoever wears it or receives it.

St. Patrick’s Day Observed in the United States

St. Patrick’s Day was first observed as a holiday in the United States in 1737. The US was still under the authority of the British, because the Revolutionary War that gave freedom did not even start until 1776. So even though many of the Irish had not yet arrived to our shores yet, St. Patrick’s Day was still considered a very important holiday.

Of course, one of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions is the drinking of particularly green ale. Green is the color of the day! For this holiday, there should be no bar or tavern which does not add some green food coloring to a keg of draft beer to serve mugs of tinted beer to its customers.

Here are some Irish pride gift ideas from LaBella Baskets & Gifts to make your St. Patrick’s Day holiday even more fun.

Pride of the Irish

Pride of the Irish Beer Stein

Pride of the Irish

Personalized Pint Glasses

Whatever your St. Patrick’s Day traditions are, remember to wear your green to show off your pride of the Irish and most of all enjoy this fun holiday.



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Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day
happy st. patrick's day

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, and it is a day for wearing green and celebrating other Irish traditions. But, did you know the patron saint, St. Patrick, was not born in Ireland?  It is believed that he was born in the Roman province of Britain in the fourth century, into a wealthy Romano-British family.

It is further believed that at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave. He spent six years there working as a shepherd and that during this time he “found God”.  As the story goes, God told Patrick to flee to the coast, where a ship would be waiting to take him home. After making his way home, Patrick went on to become a priest.

The people of Ireland have celebrated St. Patrick, every year since his death on March 17, around 461 A.D. Over 1200 years later, the celebration of Patrick was carried across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. In 1737, the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States was held in Boston among its many Irish immigrants.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Gifts & Food

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday for all ages. Here are some entertaining ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
Everything that is “green”, which symbolizes spring and the prospering of the crops, fun and Irish can be worn or used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

What better way is there to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than to celebrate with food?

A few drops of green food coloring goes into anything you might want green, even a mug of draft beer. Anything made with Irish cream or Irish whiskey has the Irish spirit, too.

Favorite Irish Recipes

What would St Patrick’s Day be without some Irish recipes? Here are two of my favorite Irish recipes.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage
Photo by Jonathunder, Wikipedia Commons

Photo Source: Jonathunder, Wikipedia Commons

  • 1 (3- to 4-pound) corned beef brisket (seasoning packet included)
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1-14 oz. can vegetable broth
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 large carrots, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces
  • 4 large potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters
  • 1 green cabbage, cut into 2-inch wedges
  1. Place carrots and potatoes in bottom of a slow cooker.
  2. Trim corned beef of excess fat and place on top of carrots and potatoes.
  3. Sprinkle with seasoning packet.
  4. Add apple juice, vegetable broth and water.
  5. Cover and cook on low setting for 6 hours.
  6. Add cabbage and continue cooking another 1 to 1-1/2 hours, or until beef  and cabbage are tender.
  7. Remove beef, potatoes, and vegetables to a platter and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Don’t forget an Irish toast to bless the meal!

Irish Scones

Photo Source: James Petts, Wikipedia Commons

Photo Source: James Petts, Wikipedia Commons

  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 4 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk

Note: You can add raisins, dates or other dried fruits and even chocolate chips, if desired.

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. In a large bowl, combine butter and flour until crumbly.
  3. Add baking powder, salt and sugar.
  4. In a separate bowl, beat egg and milk.
  5. Mix into dry ingredients to make a dough.
  6. Turn onto floured surface and roll to one-inch thickness.
  7. With a cookie cutter or the bottom of a drinking glass, cut dough into 2-inch rounds.
  8. Place on greased cookie sheet, about one inch apart and bake for 15 minutes.

Makes about 18 scones

Gift Baskets to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Another great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with gifts. After all, when you think of a holiday, don’t you think of gifts?

So what types of gifts do you associate with St. Patrick’s Day? Well, anything green and Irish of course!

A great gift idea might be an Irish themed gift basket filled with lots of treats. Here are  a couple of great gift baskets perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. A great way to celebrate this special and fun holiday at home with your family or at the office with your co-workers.

St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish







St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold


However you decide to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, enjoy this very fun holiday!

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Gift Quotes

My Favorite Gift Quotes

Since I’m a gift blogger, it would naturally make sense that gift
quotes always catch my eye. And besides, gift quotes are very inspirational.

Here are a few of my favorite gift quotes that I have collected. I hope you enjoy!

green line divider“A sister is a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile here below.” ~ Unknown

“A friend is a gift you give yourself.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” 
~ Tony Robbins

“I don’t know what’s in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.
” ~Jarod Kintz

“There are souls in this world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere, and leaving it behind them when they go.”
~ Frederick William Faber 

Gifts of the heart can’t be claimed by anyone except the giver.” 
Nicholas Sparks

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness” ~ Ester Hicks

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its
value.” ~  Charles Dudley Warner 

“Love is and will always be the greatest gift” ~ M.G. Wells 

“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.” ~  Charles M. Schulz 

“That’s the best thing about friendship. It is a gift that cannot be lost. Only thrown away.” ~ E.E. Knight

“Open the bloom of your heart and become a gift of beauty to the world.” ~ Bryant McGill

“Helping others without any expectation and without gain is just as much a gift to yourself as it is to the person you give to.” ~ Kat Von D

“A hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.”
~ Unknown

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” ~ Joyce Meyer

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

“The greatest gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” ~ Meryl Streep

“Love the giver more than the gift.” ~ Brigham Young

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” ~ Kate DiCamillo

“The older I get, the better I understand that every day is a gift.”
~ Joel Osteen

“The greatest gift is not being afraid to queston.” ~ Ruby Dee

“Guild is the gift that keeps on giving.” ~ Erma Bombeck

A book is a gift you can open again and again.” ~ Garrison Keillor

“When you’re in a position to have gotten so much, the gifts at this point is giving back.” ~ Paul Stanley

“When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.” ~ Maria Shriver

“Foregiveness is a gift you give yourself.” ~ Suzanne Sommers

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”
~ Pierre Corneille

“Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Life is a precious gift. Don’t waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be.” ~ Unknown

“Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle.”
Helen Keller

 “Cheerful givers do not count the cost of what they give. Their hearts are set on pleasing and cheering the person to whom the gift is given.” ~ Julian of Norwich 

I hope these gift quotes gave you some inspiration.


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Bridesmaid Gifts

Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts

With everything on the bride’s agenda, she must think about bridesmaid gifts for the special ladies she as chosen to be in her wedding party.

A wedding day is full of memories, especially for the bride and groom. They, of course, are the key players, whether it is a formal or informal wedding. With a formal wedding, the months of planning may build up a high level of anticipation in not just the bride and groom, but also others who will also play key roles on the big day. To bridesmaids in particular, the lead up to the wedding day may be an exciting time. The bride and groom will undoubtedly want to commemorate the day for them with bridesmaid gifts.

For sure, bridesmaids will appreciate at least a token gift to help them remember the day. As with any gift, what you choose as a bridesmaid gift will depend on budget and age. If anything, “older” bridesmaids are easier to choose for, as personalized silver or crystal, for example, and other more adult products, are more likely to be appreciated.

Younger bridesmaids, though, may turn out to be easier than you thought, whatever your budget. It is a matter of thinking about their tastes and interests and finding something appropriate. While it is traditional to give all bridesmaids the same gift, that does not necessarily have to be the case. After all, they have probably been forced into a uniform dress for the occasion, and if you have several, or many, bridesmaids then no doubt one or more were not too happy with the color or design, even if they are too polite to tell the bride.

Choosing the bridesmaid gifts may be a good time to redress the balance, and do something individual, a unique bridesmaid gift for each bridesmaid; unless, that is, you know the bridesmaids well enough to know that all will be happy with the same thing. At least by having the same gift, there is no danger of one bridesmaid being jealous of the other.

How, then, can you make each bridesmaid gift unique, without having to go out seeking an appropriate gift, the like of which you and your bridesmaids have never seen before? There are a couple of ways to add an individual and personal touch:

Personalized Gifts

Many items, including popular bridesmaid gift items such as jewelry, candles and candle holders, goblets, can either be engraved, embossed or have a medallion attached that can be engraved. Personalization gives you the opportunity to add an individual touch for each bridesmaid, thus acknowledging that each has played their own important part.

Bridesmaids of any age will appreciate something personalized with their name, plus of course your personal message. If you have a wide variety of ages among your bridesmaids, then why not give each a different gift, appropriate for their age, but also personalized with their personal message.

Here are a couple of great examples of gifts that can be beautifully personalized for each bridesmaid.  You can find these and many more personalized gifts on my website at:.

bridesmaid gifts frame

Bridesmaid Frame

bridesmaid gifts pashmina scarf

Pashmina Scarf

If you have chosen jewelry, then you have a gift theme that can be applied to all ages and be personalized, too.  Even young girls usually like jewelry, so you could be making your bridesmaids very happy, commemorating the occasion and making each gift choice unique.

Gift Baskets

Like jewelry, gift baskets can be made suitable for all ages of bridesmaid. If you choose an attractive and unusual basket, then even if the contents are consumable, such as chocolates, the girl will have the basket left as a memento of the wedding and her role as a bridesmaid.

With gift baskets, you can choose appropriate contents for each of your bridesmaids, whether they are 2 years old or 18; and you can even include an engraved gift inside to personalize it for her even more. So, baskets do really give a lot of scope for individuality and addressing the age problem. There are a good selection of customized gift baskets online for you to choose from.

For example, here are a couple of beautiful gift baskets from Labella Baskets that would make perfect bridesmaid gifts.

bridesmaid gifts Elegant Orchid Spa Sensation

Elegant Orchid Spa Sensation

bridesmaid gifts Because You're Special

Because You’re Special

Planning the wedding will be a big task that will preoccupy you if you are a bride or groom. But don’t forget to give a bit of thought to those bridesmaids for their part in your big day. They are sure to appreciate it.

Bridesmaid Gifts from Labella Baskets

Please visit my website to see our full line of beautiful themed gift baskets and personalized gifts.

Bridesmaid Gifts from beau coup

Here is another great website with a nice selection of bridesmaid gifts and other gifts, too.

bridesmaid gifts from BC-bridal-gifts








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Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers and Their Meanings

For thousands of years, meanings have been attached to flowers by many different cultures. Some of those meanings are still considered relevant today and are associated with the years of anniversaries.

Though the most important meaning is the thought behind each floral gift, flowers selected for their traditional symbolism and historical significance can speak to the recipient in a special way.

In anniversary flowers, this tradition is taken even further by assigning particular flowers to each year of marriage. Though flower meanings vary from culture to culture.

Anniversary Flowers by Year

I have put together a list of anniversary flowers and what each flower symbolizes.  Here are a few favorite flower choices for anniversaries to help you express your love throughout the years. This is just something fun to consider if you want to buy a special anniversary bouquet.

1st Anniversary

Pansies – Thought, remembrance
Carnation – Joy, commitment, admiration (red), purity (white), never forget (pink)
anniversary flowers pansiescarnations

2nd Anniversary

Cosmos – Modesty
Lily of the Valley – Happiness, purity of heart, humility, devotion

anniversary flowers cosmos  lily of the valley

3rd Anniversary

Fuschia – Taste
Sunflower – Strength, warmth, nourishment. Signifies a ‘Devout admirer’

anniversary flowers fuchsiasunflowers

4th Anniversary

Geranium – Comfort, gentility
Hydrangea – Gratefulness, pride, appreciation

anniversary flower geranium hydrangea

5th Anniversary

Daisy – Innocence, loyal love, ‘I’ll never tell’, purity. ‘You have as many virtues as this flower has petals’


6th Anniversary

Calla/Calla Lilies – Magnificent beauty, transition, growth

anniversary flowers calla lily

7th Anniversary

Freesia – Trust, fidelity, honorable love. The antidote to the proverbial thought that the seventh year brings restlessness
Jack in the Pulpit


jack in the pulpit

8th Anniversary

Clematis – Clever, intellectual
Lilac – ‘The emotions of young love’

clematis lilac

9th Anniversary

Poppy – Imagination
Bird of Paradise – Magnificence, splendor. ‘Celebrating the unexpected side of romance’

poppy bird of paradise

10th Anniversary

Daffodil – Regard, rebirth, unrequited love, chivalry. ‘You’re the only one’


11th Anniversary

Tulip – Elegance, grace. ‘The most romantic of flowers’
Morning Glory – Loves you
 tulip  morning glory

12th Anniversary

Peony – Good life, happy marriage, prosperity

anniversary flower peony

13th Anniversary

Hollyhock – Ambition, fruitfulness
Chrysanthemum -Abundance, loveliness, fidelity

anniversary flower hollyhock mum

14th Anniversary

Orchid – Love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness

anniversary flowers orchid

15th Anniversary

Rose – Love, passion, perfection. Roses have been a symbol of love since ancient times


20th Anniversary

Aster – Patience, elegance. Known as the ‘Talisman of Love’
Day Lily – Coquetry

asters day lily

25th Anniversary

Iris – Promise, faith, hope, wisdom, valor. Also, ‘My compliments’ and, ‘Your friendship means so much to me’


28th Anniversary

Orchid – Love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, and affection

anniversary flowers orchid

30th Anniversary

Lily – Devotion, pride, beauty
Sweet Pea – Lasting pleasure, blissful pleasure. Also, ‘Thank you for a lovely time’ and, ‘I think of you’

anniversary flowers lily anniversary flowers sweet pea

40th Anniversary

Nasturtium – Conquest, victory in battle
Gladiolus – Sword. Also, ‘You pierce my heart’

nasturtium gladiolus

50th Anniversary

Yellow Roses – Inner light. ‘The beauty of a long, prosperous marriage’
Violets – Modesty, faithfulness, virtue, understated beauty
anniversary flowers yellow roses violet

All flowers express love and caring, and some have special flower meanings to help you convey just the right message. So, whether you choose a particular flower based on its traditional symbolism, a special memory, or just your own personal style, you’re always sure to find a beautiful way to express your love with flowers.

Visit my website to see our beautiful floral bouquets.

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Don’t Forget Anniversary Cards

Anniversary Cards

Don’t forget to give anniversary cards, because anniversaries are some of the most important events that we celebrate. While we mostly celebrate the anniversary of weddings, there are many other kinds of anniversaries that can be celebrated.

Get creative and allow your family and friends to celebrate with each other many significant happenings. For example, make an anniversary out of the day you bought your new home or started your job. Whatever kinds of anniversaries you decide to celebrate, just do not forget anniversary cards! Anniversary cards are one of the easiest and best ways to celebrate all of those special days each year.

Take a wedding anniversary for example. What spouse would not
love to get an anniversary card with a handwritten message of loveBlog Happy Anniversary and commitment? Giving anniversary cards is a great way for married couples to reflect back on the beginnings of their marriage and to remember all of the best times they have shared.

When marriage gets hard, as it probably will at times, anniversary cards can be a great way to reignite the reasons why you first married. Take the time to purchase or create the perfect anniversary cards for your spouse. Buy a card with a message that reflects you and your marriage, but then be sure to include a handwritten message as well. Anniversary cards should only accent or help you in writing out your true feelings of love and faithfulness to your partner, they should not replace your words.

Anniversary cards are a great way to celebrate the victories of the past year and to dream about what the new year will hold. Allow anniversary cards to contain secrets that only you and your loved one share.

Anniversary cards can be purchased or made to celebrate any kind of anniversary you recognize. The important thing about anniversaries is to remember the special events in our lives and the days of the year that make the whole year worth living.

Become someone who remembers and celebrates anniversaries well. Become someone who lavishes the ones you love with great words of love and care each year in anniversary cards.

There are many types of greeting and special occasion cards to choose from today.

Store Bought Cardshappy-anniversary-cards

There is such a wide variety of cards available in all types of stores. The price range is usually from $.99 up to several dollars. You can choose  cards that are blank inside, so you can write your own message. Or, you can choose from humorous to sentimental verses.

Online Greeting Cards

If you need something in a hurry, there are many online greeting card sites. Your choices are very broad from animated to musical cards and for every occasions. You can have a card sent directly to the recipient’s e-mail address. Imagine their surprise and delight when they open your email. Some sites are free and there are others that charge a minimal fee for this service.

Handmade Cardshappy-anniversary-cards-5

And by all means get creative with cards you give. Loved ones will appreciate a card you made for them that contains a message you wrote yourself for that special occasion.

If you are not very crafty, there are a lot of online resources to give you some ideas for making your own handmade cards. It really is a lot easier than you may think. Sometimes what anyone ever really needs is an idea. If you need a little help with writing your own message or verse, again use the online resources available to give you some great ideas for your handmade cards.

Plantable Greeting CardsGreeting Card 1

Now there are even plantable greeting cards that would be very appropriate anniversary cards to give. The recipient of the card can plant the card and it will actually grow flowers. This will keep the memory of your anniversary card a lot longer!
Check them out here.
Greeting Card 2
 feel pretty confident that card giving is here to stay. Ever notice just how many greeting cards stores carry. Every holiday stores update their selections.

Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year with annual retail sales estimated between $7 and $8 billion.

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Anniversary Gift Baskets

Choosing an Anniversary Gift Basket

Sending an anniversary gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding anniversary and send your best wishes to the happy couple!Anniversary Gift Basket 3

However, I don’t recommend taking a wedding anniversary gift basket to a party or event. It would be more appropriate to send an anniversary gift basket to the couples home where they can enjoy their special surprise.

From gourmet treats to baked goods, there are plenty of ways to find a completely new combination of treats that will leave a lasting impression.

Many people send flowers or gourmet chocolates to celebrate a wedding anniversary or other wedding-related occasion, but these don’t necessarily stand out from other gifts received on the special day. A wedding anniversary gift basket can add a unique touch to the celebration with creative combinations of hand-decorated cookies, chocolates, wine and engraved wine glasses.

Imagine their surprise when they receive an unique anniversary giftAnniversary Gift Basket 1 assortment designed with flower-shaped cookies, or an anniversary basket filled with a bouquet of delicious treats and baked goods! Gourmet chocolates and specialty confections can also be presented  in a unique way for a wedding anniversary gift basket.

Just add a handwritten note or card to the gift basket and they will remember and cherish your gift.

From simple to elaborate creations, a wedding anniversary gift basket is the perfect accompaniment to any couple’s special day.

Anniversary gift baskets sent between the couple may include champagne and chocolate to make a special toast for the night. Or, commemorative gifts such as photo albums and scrapbooks to showcase their memories.

Gourmet chocolates, exotic truffles, and premium baked treats can also be added to elegantly decorated baskets, and are most suitable for the occasion.

Whatever the final selection may be, each basket can be decorated with attractive ribbons and elegant touches for a show-stopping presentation. The special surprise delivery is one the wedding couple is sure to appreciate and remember your unique gesture!

Toasting an anniversary or wedding event can be much more special with a meaningful gift basket. From spa products to commemorative wine glasses, you will find a variety of unique treats and gifts to include for any upcoming occasion.Anniversary Gift Basket 4

Anniversary gift baskets are the perfect way to celebrate the memories of a wedding or if sent between the couple as a unique way to express their sentiments for each other.

Sending anniversary gift baskets for a wedding anniversary celebration or other event is a great way to show you care, and each one is designed to include a variety of specialty items, treats, and gifts.

So, if you are looking for a unique anniversary gift to commemorate an event, consider sending a beautifully decorated wedding anniversary gift basket instead of simple flowers and cards!

If you are crafty, you can easily put together a great looking gift basket, or you may find a gift basket shop in your area to make a beautiful gift basket for you. And, of course you can always search online for gift basket companies that have a variety of fine gift baskets to choose from.

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