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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Selecting chocolate gift baskets for that upcoming special occasion can be a simple way to send some good wishes in a unique way!

So the next time you’re looking for unique gift ideas to celebrate a special occasion, to send a thank you, or simply cheer someone up, chocolate gift baskets offer plenty of opportunities to make it a memorable event!

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Classic

Chocolate gift baskets can range from simple assortments of quality chocolate bars and baked treats, to elaborate basket filled with the recipients favorite brands of confections. From tempting truffles to decadent cookies, you’re sure to find something special for that upcoming event or occasion.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Chocolate gift baskets make great hostess gifts for a dinner party, a birthday celebration, or even as a get well soon gift for someone who is ill. Filled with samplers of premium brands and classic chocolate bars, chocolate gift baskets make it easy to send a memorable gift. For the recipient who has a gourmet sweet tooth, a variety of premium assortments and confections are available from the worlds finest chocolatiers.

chocolate gift baskets

Golden Godiva Tower

Milk chocolate, caramel-filled squares, dark chocolate truffles, and exotic candies make it easy to create a customized chocolate gift basket for any chocolate lover. Dark chocolate squares and milk chocolate balls can be used as fillers to create a unique assortment, along with giant chocolate bars, coffee samplers, and boxes of mint chocolates. All of these can be included in any size basket, creating a signature gift with the recipients favorite tastes in mind.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Survival Kit

Gourmet baskets filled with chocolates, snacks, and gourmet baked treats offer another opportunity to indulge. When you’re looking for a gift that provides some unique dessert options for a celebration dinner, anniversary, or even a wedding party, chocolate gift baskets filled with baked treats offer an alternative to standard gifts. These chocolate gift baskets can be made with an assortment of brownies, cookies, and other delights that are a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys sweet treats on a regular basis. They’re also a great option as a thank you or congratulations token of appreciation, and can be shared with the entire family or group.

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Galore

Chocolate gift baskets are the perfect addition to any upcoming celebration, and can be created in a variety of unique ways. From the simple box of chocolate treats to elaborate bouquets with classic confections, you’re sure to find something to suit any sweet tooth!

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Cheer Someone’s Day with Fresh Flowers

Send Fresh Flowers To Brighten Their Day

Fresh flowers are known to cheer up just about anyone.  Women really love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Flowers help in promoting the esprit de corps of the sick. Flowers are perfect gifts to those celebrating an occasion like a wedding anniversary or birthday.Lilie Rose

The cultivation and delivery of fresh flowers is also a major business anywhere in the world. Proof of the importance and value of flowers are everywhere within our society.

There are innumerable kinds and colors of flowers cultivated around the world.  Most are reproduced from seeds, while there are other types reproduced from bulbs.  Some types are grown annually while some only last for a single season.  Knowing which type of flower is in season helps those fond of giving fresh flowers, since more often than not those in season are more inexpensive and copious. Flowers that are not in season on the other hand are more expensive and harder to find or cultivate.

pink bouqetAlso, those who are fond of giving fresh flowers as gifts know that each type of flower has a distinct and traditional meaning.  Although most people will suggest that giving a flower that the recipient will appreciate, they also suggest that the person giving the flower knows the meaning of the flower that he or she is giving.

In most parts of the world, roses are the most popular.  Fresh roses are usually given by men to their cherished ones. Roses stand for love, at least to a lot of people.  However, traditionally speaking, the color of the rose also has a meaning.  Red roses stand for love, romance and passion, yellow symbolizes friendship and joy, pink conveys admiration and appreciation, orange means desire and enthusiasm and white signifies purity and honor.

orange glowLilies are another great choice. The more common type, the Peruvian lily, is another popular gift item because they are colored brightly and exude freshness and joviality.   Peruvian lily is often given for a friend celebrating a birthday since they stand for love, devotion, and friendship.

Another popular type of fresh flowers are carnations.  One of the reasons why many are fond of giving out carnations is because they can last for a significant amount of time.  Carnations represent young love, fascination, as well as distinction.

If you are looking for fun and the ideal bouquet then daisies should be one of them.  Daisies come in various sizes and colors.  Daisies are given to young girls since they represent innocence, and they are perfect to give for a birthday or graduation.

Yet another favorite flower is the iris.  It symbolizes faith, hope, as well as wisdom.  The iris is highly flexible, since it can be given out for any occasion. It is quite appropriate for either a birthday or hospitalization.  The iris is renowned for it’s regal appearance. That is why they are usually mixed with other types of fresh flowers.

Aside from roses, romantics like giving out tulips. When in bloom, tulips can be very attractive and unique.  They come in various bright colors and they represent intense love.

Sending flowers is so easy. One does not have to go through a lot of hassle in order to send out fresh flowers to a cherished one.  Many flower delivery companies are in existence, and the good news is it only takes a few clicks to order the delivery of fresh flowers to a particular person.   And it takes a day or two for the flowers to be delivered to a particular place.

colorful bouquetOne can choose the type of bouquet for their flower delivery order.  Most would usually go for a bouquet of roses or tulips, or a bouquet of lily as a gift to a birthday celebrant.  However, an increasing number of people are opting for mixed floral arrangement since it includes a variety of flowers, maximizing the appearance of the bouquet with the various colors in it.

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An Introduction to Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets Make the Perfect Gift

Gourmet gift baskets are usually a collection of items attractively presented and based on a common theme. Gourmet gift baskets can be a delightful expression of any sentiment.  Gift baskets can easily be customized to suit an individual or group and is a creative and unique concept.


Loaded with goodies, a gift basket is sure to please, especially when in doubt about what to give. For special people, this personalized gift is ideal. Wouldn’t you say that the thrill of receiving numerous thoughtful presents is often greater than opening just one? The variety of choices available in gourmet gift baskets is truly unbelievable. Be it Christmas or Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new baby, new home, promotions or business, there is something for any occasion or holiday!

ng5252lgConsisting of the finest foods and beverages, exotic and adventurous, gourmet gift baskets are hugely popular as the ideal gifts. For Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays, there are Kosher gift baskets. Or, for Christmas, there are hampers with cookies to cakes, liqueurs to chocolates, caviar to cheese–all delectable. Chocolate gift baskets with Belgian manons, French bonbons, Swiss treats, exquisite chocolates with enhanced fruit and nut flavors, chocolate pretzels and cookies, candy canes, tasty truffles in great shapes and lovely wrapping are all simply heavenly for the chocoholic.


There are elegant gift baskets of assorted wine and cheese; premium choices like Dom Perignon Champagne, CK Mondavi Chardonnay, CK Mondavi Merlot, or Moet  and Chandon White Star Champagne; cheese from around the world—endless choices such as American Humboldt Fog; Blue cheese like Roquefort; Belgian Chimay with Beer; English Dorset drum cheddar or White Stilton with Apricot; Brown Ale cheese; champagne cheese like Brie; Dutch Dorothea; Italian cooking cheese like Reggiano or Parmigiano; French Camembert or Gruyere; German Tilsit; and so many more. Versatile in every way— in taste and texture, in origin and in combination, there is no better gourmet gift!


Do not forget an array of meats either: fresh, smoked, grilled, stuffed, roasted, and cooked in different regional styles. Consider unusual choices like venison, elk, kangaroo, or delicious variations of poultry, pork, lamb, and beef or veal. These gourmet meats are unmatched in quality. With smoked fish, caviar, lobsters and shrimps, a seafood basket is a delicious fiesta for the seafood lover. Flavorful and healthy teas or coffees and savory condiments are also exciting picks.

The list is endless. You can make anything special if you put your heart and mind into it. Celebrate life and all its special events with a memorable gourmet gift basket.

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A Guide To Gourmet Food Gifts

Giving Gourmet Food Gifts

People of all ages love to receive gourmet food gifts. Especially appropriate for Christmas, gourmet foods are one of the few gifts that you can count on to please the recipient. Everyone who receives a gourmet food gift basket or package feels special. Here is a guide to the most popular types of gourmet food gifts and what type of gift recipient they are perfect for.gourmet food gifts


Cheese is a great gift for the true “foodie”, or anyone who also enjoys wine. Gourmet cheeses are available from all over the world, but the very best specialty cheeses tend to come from France, Italy, England, Spain, Ireland and, of course, the United States. Whether you get someone a true cheddar from England or a wedge of genuine Brie from France, you are getting someone a very special gift that will surely be savored.

Gourmet Cheesecakeholiday_cheesecake

Cakes are nice, cheese is nice, but put these two things together and you have cheesecake! Cheesecake is a wonderful and special gift that’s especially nice to bring along to a party or dinner as a hostess gift. Many types of cheesecake are available, from decadently rich chocolate truffle cheesecake to cheesecakes swirled with candies, cookies, fruit and even biscotti.

Baked Goodsdreamstime_christmas_cookies

Cookies, cakes, pastry, pies, coffee cakes, anything that is baked, people love! If you have someone on your gift giving list who loves cookies, then get them a cookie bouquet.

There are also luxurious specialty cakes available online to buy. Some of the most popular cakes online are coffee cakes. Coffee cakes are especially wonderful gifts to give to a couple or a large family. There’s nothing better than a breakfast of coffee and a wedge of coffee cake on Christmas morning.


Who does not love to receive chocolates as a gift? Just about everyone LOVES chocolate, and there is a wide array of chocolates available online. From truffles topped with edible gold leaf and gold dust to silky smooth fudge to boxes of chocolates that are filled with exotic creams, nuts and fillings. Nothing pleases quite like chocolate.


tea basketDrinks are a surprisingly popular gift idea. From fine wines to flavored coffee to organic teas to rarely produced sodas, drinks are a thoughtful gift. Give a fine wine to go with some good imported cheese or give someone a case of their favorite soda that they haven’t been able to get for 20 years. Teas are also a nice gift for anyone who enjoys a healthier lifestyle or who simply enjoys a nice calming drink. There are many teas available, including lovely gift boxed varieties, fine imported teas from Japan and China, as well as organic teas, herbal teas and many flavored varieties of tea.

Fruits & Nutsholiday-fruit_nuts

Fruit as a gift has been around a long time, from the old pioneer days when people could not afford expensive gifts, they picked the bounty from their own orchard and gave that instead. Fruit is a fantastic gift for older people, anyone who enjoys healthier treats, as well as folks who can’t get certain types of fruit in their area. In addition, dried fruits and nuts are a great traditional gift for just about anyone who enjoys healthy snacks. Nuts are super healthy and are also a nice gift for anyone who enjoys baking.

Whether you choose a decadent and luxurious gourmet food gift or a more healthful treat, a gourmet food gift is one that won’t fail to please.

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Personalized Gifts – A New Trend in Gift Giving

Giving personalized gifts is a new trend in gift giving, because they solve a difficult dilemma for many gift shoppers.

For example, what do you get the person who has everything? Or, what can you buy the person who is just hard to buy for, is very picky or doesn’t have many interests?  Unfortunately, those are a few questions that plague millions of Christmas gift buyers every year and can make the holiday gift buying season very stressful.

Do you aimlessly wander the local malls and aisles of department stores in search of an inspirational moment that will lead to the perfect gift? What do you get for someone who has a lot of money, does not really need anything, rather eclectic or has expensive hobbies you cannot possibly afford to support? What about the person who you do not know all that well, but whose invitation has left you feeling obligated to come with a gift in hand?

Many a time in the past, you have probably given in to giving a gift card. And you have succumbed to the promise of ease in gift giving by simply purchasing a little piece of plastic that entitles its bearer to purchase anything they like for the gift card amount.  Sure, when your card was opened you felt a pang of guilt and a moment of shame at your open capitulation and admission that you could not think of anything that the recipient of your gift card would have enjoyed. Fortunately, there is a way out of this dilemma!

Personalized Gifts Have Distinct Advantage

Personalized gifts are a new trend in gift giving and there are so many options from which to choose.  With just a little effort you can find something for even the most difficult gift recipients on your gift list.

Personalized gifts have a very distinct and unique advantage.  They combine the mundane with the extravagant.

For example, a towel is so ordinary, yet a towel with the recipient’s monogram or perhaps even name embroidered on it is a rare gift. Sure, not everyone will enjoy receiving a towel for his or her birthday, but let’s think about it a little further.  What about baby gifts! Did you know that a towel, blanket, and bib make for an okay gift, but have the child’s name embroidered on these same items, and now you have an automatic keepsake!

Golf balls are another good example. For the avid golfer in your family or circle of friends, a box of the best golf balls is still just a box of golf balls. But with his or her name or initials, and perhaps an anniversary date or retirement date engraved on them, suddenly this humble gift becomes one of thoughtful contemplation and a well wish all of their own!

The possibilities of personalized gifts truly are endless, and many a gift giver has already recognized the potential of this avenue. It is no wonder that these gifts are becoming so popular whether it be for holiday gifts, birthday gifts or any other gift giving occasion.

Happy Shopping!

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Personalized Gifts_10

Gift Ideas for Seniors

Coming up with great gift ideas for seniors really isn’t as hard as you may think. However, buying gifts for our older friends and relatives may get frustrating because we tend to think that by now older folks have everything they need and want. And while it’s true that they probably don’t need any more socks or handkerchiefs, coming up with senior gift ideas really is easy, if you’re willing to put some thought into the process.

Consider the Recipient

Just like any other gifts you purchase, thinking about the recipient really is key to coming up with senior gift ideas that are unique and will be appreciated. So start by considering the person’s age and gender. Right there, you’ve narrowed your choices considerably.

Next, consider how the individual likes to spend his or her time. Is she always tinkering around in the garden? Is he always up at the crack of dawn playing golf? Is the person always on the go, or does the person spend a lot of time at home, or does life consist of a little bit of both? Are suitable gift ideas coming to mind yet? If not, then take some time to consider more about the person’s lifestyle.

For example, if that person’s always on the go, does he or she travel, volunteer, dance, spend time with family, walk, bike, or all of the above? If the person spends a lot of time at home, what does he or she do to keep busy while there? Bake, watch television, read, figure out puzzles, play computer games? If you have to take notes, then go right ahead. Do whatever it takes to get your mind thinking about suitable gift ideas.

Use the Internet


Once you’ve answered a few of these questions, the perfect gift might immediately pop into your mind. If so, then all you’ve got left to do is get the gift, wrap it and deliver it. But, if you’re still having trouble coming up with gift ideas, consider turning to the Internet for help. Start by searching terms like “gift ideas for seniors, senior gift ideas, elderly gift ideas, gift ideas for the elderly, gifts for seniors, etc”.

Your search will come back with more results than you can possibly research. So pick a few websites and research those in greater detail. It will take a little time, but you will definitely find some suitable and great gift ideas for seniors on your gift list.

Happy Shopping!

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Pine Oak Farm Gifts

I am so pleased to announce that I just launched my Pine Oak Farm gift website.



pine oak farm

Pine Oak Farm

Pine Oak Farm is an on-line boutique site that offers a variety of home decor accessories, kitchen basics, entertaining essentials, and gourmet specialty foods.  Great gift ideas to choose from!

The products offered are items that fit a modern home decor while
bringing true farmhouse country to your home.


As a small, veteran owned business, Pine Oak Farm has a strong belief in supporting veterans who have served our country. Our service men and women who sacrifice so much deserve our support!

In an effort to do our part in supporting our veterans, Pine Oak Farm will donate $1 from every online order of $25 or more to the Wounded Warrior Project, the Fisher House for military families, or other select veterans support organizations!

In addition, we will also donate a portion of the proceeds of product sales within our veterans product category.

Hope SignUSA Sign

Advantages of Shopping Early for Holiday Gifts

Shopping early for holiday gifts certainly has its advantages. Timing is very important when you are shopping for holiday gifts.  And, if you are like a lot of people, you wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, even though you know this is probably the worst approach.

Shopping at the last minute may pose a number of shopping headaches.  Firstly, all of the other last minute shoppers are going to be doing the same thing as you, so the stores are going to be more crowded. Secondly, although most stores may be having holiday sales, the prices are not as low as they may have been had you done your holiday shopping a couple of months in advance. Finally, last minute holiday shoppers will also find that the most popular items have already been sold out.  Shoppers may have to visit a number of stores to find a specific item, only to find the price highly inflated.  So, if you have a pretty good idea about what you want to purchase ahead of time, it’s advisable that you go out and start shopping as early as possible.  And do take advantage of internet shopping to save yourself a lot of time.

When you do your holiday shopping early, you will not only find that the prices are generally less expensive, but you are almost guaranteed to find the items you’re looking for in stock. When you shop for holiday gifts as the holiday approaches, the products seem to fly off the shelves, and it can be very difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. You are then forced to either settle for an alternate holiday gift, or you have to shop at another store altogether.  And, you’re still not guaranteed that the item will be in stock there either. If you want good deals and the guarantee that the merchandise you want is in stock, then start your holiday shopping at least two, preferably three months in advance.

If you have to shop at the last minute, in the case that someone new just came into your life or you forgot to include someone on your gift list, then you may be forced to fight the crowds.  You may end up being disappointed in finding that the items you’re looking for are no longer in stock. However, online shopping is also an option you may want to consider. You can peruse various online stores and have your order shipped to you in one or two days. But, be prepared because it is going to cost a lot more for rush shipping, but at least you know your holiday gift will get there in time.

If the reasons mentioned so far aren’t enough to convince you to do your holiday shopping early, then maybe you’ll be more inclined to shop early for health reasons. If you do your holiday shopping early, it will be a lot less stressful on you.

Two of the top stressors in our life are time and money. By doing your shopping early, you can reduce these stresses because you’ll probably spend a lot less money than you would if you wait until the last minute. Also, you’ll save time because you won’t have to wait in long lines at the checkout, or run from store to store searching for a specific item that is sold out. You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that you can gradually shop throughout the year rather than doing it all at once.  This certainly is much easier on your budget and you are less likely to run up your credit cards on holiday gift purchases.

Unfortunately, most of us are procrastinators by nature. Try shopping early one year, and find out what it’s like to have all your shopping done well in advance of the holidays. You’ll be amazed at the difference and how much more enjoyable you will find the holidays!

Happy Shopping!

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Gift Buying Tips

We all love to give and receive gifts, whether it’s at Christmas time or for a birthday, or even a special anniversary or event.  Some may need a little help with their gift buying, so here are my top five gift buying tips. I hope this helps you find the right gift for that special person, and maybe help you save a little money, too.


Red Ribbon Heart with Overlays

My Top 5 Gift Buying Tips

Plan Ahead

Keep a list of upcoming birthdays and special occasions.  Plan the whole year in advance.  Enter these dates into your calendar, either a hard copy or electronic version.  I like to use my cell phone calendar.  You can set up a reminder so you get an alert of the upcoming birthday or event in which you need to purchase a gift. Planning ahead will give you time to search for the perfect gift and you may even catch a good sale.  If you are buying online, be sure to allow enough time for shipping.  Typical shipping guidelines are to allow 2-5 business days, depending on the company and their shipping location.

Stick to Your Budget

Remember, the cost of your gift is not what is important, rather the thought that you put into choosing that perfect gift.  By shopping early, you will have time to compare prices to get the best price possible.

 Read Reviews

You can easily read reviews of gifts you are considering buying at places like,,,, etc. Comments from people that know about the product will certainly help you make up your mind about purchasing it or not purchasing it.

Compare Prices

Price comparison for gifts is easy if you’re switching between sites like, and,, etc. The lowest gift price is out there. All you have to do is find it.

Give from your Heart

Consider what the gift recipients likes and dislikes.  What does the person talk about frequently? Where do they like to shop? What is their favorite color? What is there favorite sport or sports team? What kind of music do they listen to? Do they like to read? What are their hobbies? If you are stumped, ask those that know the recipient well for their thoughts.  Just remember, the best gifts are those that you took the time and effort to choose, paid attention to what the recipient likes, and selected a gift tailored to them.

Here is an example of the most memorable Christmas with my husband.  Well in advance of Christmas, we mutually agreed to limit our gifts to each other to five small presents.  We usually go all out on each other, but to curb our spending we came up with that plan. My husband said to himself “what comes in fives”?  He gave it some thought and came up with the five human senses…sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  Each one of his gift selections represented each one of the five senses.  For sight he chose a book from my favorite author, for hearing a CD from my favorite musician, for smell my favorite perfume, for taste a box of my favorite dark chocolates, and for touch a beautiful outfit.  I loved the gifts, but the thought he put into his selections was so heartwarming and sincere. I will always treasure that Christmas memory!

Here is another example of a very thoughtful gift.  Another Christmas my daughter gathered all my photos of herself and my son during their childhood years.  She painstakingly put them into chronological order and assembled them into several beautiful albums.  That took a lot of thought and effort on my daughters part, which I sincerely appreciated so very much.  I will treasure those albums forever!

Happy Shopping!

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Happy Shopping!

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