Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers and Their Meanings

For thousands of years, meanings have been attached to flowers by many different cultures. Some of those meanings are still considered relevant today and are associated with the years of anniversaries.

Though the most important meaning is the thought behind each floral gift, flowers selected for their traditional symbolism and historical significance can speak to the recipient in a special way.

In anniversary flowers, this tradition is taken even further by assigning particular flowers to each year of marriage. Though flower meanings vary from culture to culture.

Anniversary Flowers by Year

I have put together a list of anniversary flowers and what each flower symbolizes.  Here are a few favorite flower choices for anniversaries to help you express your love throughout the years. This is just something fun to consider if you want to buy a special anniversary bouquet.

1st Anniversary

Pansies – Thought, remembrance
Carnation – Joy, commitment, admiration (red), purity (white), never forget (pink)
anniversary flowers pansiescarnations

2nd Anniversary

Cosmos – Modesty
Lily of the Valley – Happiness, purity of heart, humility, devotion

anniversary flowers cosmos  lily of the valley

3rd Anniversary

Fuschia – Taste
Sunflower – Strength, warmth, nourishment. Signifies a ‘Devout admirer’

anniversary flowers fuchsiasunflowers

4th Anniversary

Geranium – Comfort, gentility
Hydrangea – Gratefulness, pride, appreciation

anniversary flower geranium hydrangea

5th Anniversary

Daisy – Innocence, loyal love, ‘I’ll never tell’, purity. ‘You have as many virtues as this flower has petals’


6th Anniversary

Calla/Calla Lilies – Magnificent beauty, transition, growth

anniversary flowers calla lily

7th Anniversary

Freesia – Trust, fidelity, honorable love. The antidote to the proverbial thought that the seventh year brings restlessness
Jack in the Pulpit


jack in the pulpit

8th Anniversary

Clematis – Clever, intellectual
Lilac – ‘The emotions of young love’

clematis lilac

9th Anniversary

Poppy – Imagination
Bird of Paradise – Magnificence, splendor. ‘Celebrating the unexpected side of romance’

poppy bird of paradise

10th Anniversary

Daffodil – Regard, rebirth, unrequited love, chivalry. ‘You’re the only one’


11th Anniversary

Tulip – Elegance, grace. ‘The most romantic of flowers’
Morning Glory – Loves you
 tulip  morning glory

12th Anniversary

Peony – Good life, happy marriage, prosperity

anniversary flower peony

13th Anniversary

Hollyhock – Ambition, fruitfulness
Chrysanthemum -Abundance, loveliness, fidelity

anniversary flower hollyhock mum

14th Anniversary

Orchid – Love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness

anniversary flowers orchid

15th Anniversary

Rose – Love, passion, perfection. Roses have been a symbol of love since ancient times


20th Anniversary

Aster – Patience, elegance. Known as the ‘Talisman of Love’
Day Lily – Coquetry

asters day lily

25th Anniversary

Iris – Promise, faith, hope, wisdom, valor. Also, ‘My compliments’ and, ‘Your friendship means so much to me’


28th Anniversary

Orchid – Love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, and affection

anniversary flowers orchid

30th Anniversary

Lily – Devotion, pride, beauty
Sweet Pea – Lasting pleasure, blissful pleasure. Also, ‘Thank you for a lovely time’ and, ‘I think of you’

anniversary flowers lily anniversary flowers sweet pea

40th Anniversary

Nasturtium – Conquest, victory in battle
Gladiolus – Sword. Also, ‘You pierce my heart’

nasturtium gladiolus

50th Anniversary

Yellow Roses – Inner light. ‘The beauty of a long, prosperous marriage’
Violets – Modesty, faithfulness, virtue, understated beauty
anniversary flowers yellow roses violet

All flowers express love and caring, and some have special flower meanings to help you convey just the right message. So, whether you choose a particular flower based on its traditional symbolism, a special memory, or just your own personal style, you’re always sure to find a beautiful way to express your love with flowers.

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