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Great Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Choosing gifts for groomsmen can be a difficult task for many grooms. Most grooms don’t want to go with a gift that is too traditional, but they also struggle with feeling that a gift that is too creative may not be appropriate.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a groomsmen gift is not whether it is traditional or unique but whether or not it fits the personality of the recipient. As long as you know your groomsmen very well and put an honest effort into finding their groomsmen gifts, you are sure to find gifts that will be enjoyed by your groomsmen.


groomsmen gifts
Personalized Flask

One of the most traditional groomsmen gift ideas is a flask. If this is something that you think your groomsmen will fully enjoy, then by all means go out and buy them the most attractive silver or leather flask that you can find and have it personalized. Its important to choose a gift, not because of its traditional connotations, but because you know the groomsmen will cherish the gift. If you believe that your groomsmen have a use for a flask or will be touched by receiving such a traditional gift as a souvenir, and not be concerned by its lack of practicality, then a flask may be a wonderful gift idea.  You can make it more special by having the flask engraved.

CD Case

If you know that your groomsmen enjoy music, a CD case with a few CD’s chosen specifically for the groomsmen can be a great gift idea. This is a wonderful gift idea, because it is sure to be used often by the recipient, and your groomsmen will remember your wedding day each time they listen to one of their CD’s. This is also a thoughtful gift because including CD’s that you know your groomsmen will enjoy, shows that you really put an effort into choosing the gift. Personalizing the gift for each of the groomsmen also shows that you see them as individuals and took the time and effort involved in making the gift unique for each of them.

Watches or Bracelets

groomsmen gifts
Engraved Pocket Watch

Watches and bracelets bare another traditional groomsmen gift idea. Depending on your budget, you might want to purchase a watch or bracelet that is appropriate to wear on your wedding day. This is a wonderful gift that not only expresses your appreciation for participating in your wedding but also gives the groomsmen a nice accessory to wear at your wedding and other formal functions.

And what about a pocket watch? Who doesn’t love the heavy feel and precision movement of a pocket watch? Clicking open the face to check the time is just one of the coolness factors of these items. Add engraving to your gift to increase its savoir-faire.

Money Clip

groomsmen gifts
Engraved Money Clip

A popular item is a money clip, and no man should be without one. Money clips come in many ingenious styles, including money clip/wallet combos, money clips with watches, money clips with Swiss army knives. They can be silver, steel or leather and personalized with engraving.

Cuff Links or Tie Clips

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Silver Plated Cuff Links

Cuff links or tie clips are still another traditional gift idea for a groom to give to his groomsmen. Almost every man has in reserve at least one special suit that requires the shirt with the cuff links. A classy groomsmen gift, cuff links show you know he’ll have more occasions than just your wedding to look his best. Although these are traditional gift ideas, you could make them more modern by giving each groomsman an accessory that suits their personality. For example, you could give your sports loving groomsman a tie clip that is in the shape of a basketball while you could give your musically inclined groomsman a tie clip that is in the shape of a few musical notes. Giving each of your groomsmen a variation of the same idea makes even the most traditional gift idea appear modern.

Jewelry Box

groomsmen gifts
Men’s Watch Box

A jewelry box lined with velvet is just the thing for storing rings, cuff links, watches and other men’s jewelry. A masculine touch is to find a model encased in leather or metal.

Travel Bag

groomsmen gifts
Men’s Travel Bag

A travel bag is a practical, classic gift. A personalized travel bag straddle the zone between luxurious and pragmatic.

groomsmen gifts
Embroidered Leather Travel Kit

Briefcase or iPad Case

groomsmen gifts
Personalized iPad Case

Celebrate the occasion with an embossed leather briefcase for your groomsman. The range of styles and colors will ensure that your gift is unique. Or how about a personalized iPad case. Both of these items are great selections for your groomsmen.

Bar or Pub Set

You can just hear the ice cubes tinkling with a classy set for the top of the bar. There are bar sets to match any decor, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

groomsmen gifts
Unique Personalized Pub Set

Or how about a personalized pub set to add some additional fun and uniqueness to your groomsmen’s man cave! Pub sets can be found in a variety of themes, so you can find something to match just about anyone’s personality.

Other Ideas

Another idea for giving groomsmen gifts is to give each man a different gift. While the groomsmen are all close friends of the groom and may have certain common interests, they all still have something about them that makes them unique.

You could recognize their individuality by personalizing a unique gift for each of your groomsmen. For example, you could give a leather journal and fancy pen to the groomsman who likes to write; and an assortment of dance CD’s to the groomsman who enjoys going to nightclubs and dancing. While traditionally grooms have given each of their groomsmen either the same gift or very similar gifts, it is also acceptable to give each groomsman a unique gift that suits their personality.

Groomsmen can be difficult to buy gifts for, because many of the traditional groomsmen gifts seem boring or impractical. Traditional gifts can be made more modern with the introduction of a twist such as a variation in each groomsmen’s gift instead of giving them each the exact same thing.

The most important thing to consider in choosing a gift for your groomsmen is to make sure the gift will reflect the personality of the recipient.

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