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We all love to give and receive gifts, whether it’s at Christmas time or for a birthday, or even a special anniversary or event.  Some may need a little help with their gift buying, so here are my top five gift buying tips. I hope this helps you find the right gift for that special person, and maybe help you save a little money, too.


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My Top 5 Gift Buying Tips

Plan Ahead

Keep a list of upcoming birthdays and special occasions.  Plan the whole year in advance.  Enter these dates into your calendar, either a hard copy or electronic version.  I like to use my cell phone calendar.  You can set up a reminder so you get an alert of the upcoming birthday or event in which you need to purchase a gift. Planning ahead will give you time to search for the perfect gift and you may even catch a good sale.  If you are buying online, be sure to allow enough time for shipping.  Typical shipping guidelines are to allow 2-5 business days, depending on the company and their shipping location.

Stick to Your Budget

Remember, the cost of your gift is not what is important, rather the thought that you put into choosing that perfect gift.  By shopping early, you will have time to compare prices to get the best price possible.

 Read Reviews

You can easily read reviews of gifts you are considering buying at places like,,,, etc. Comments from people that know about the product will certainly help you make up your mind about purchasing it or not purchasing it.

Compare Prices

Price comparison for gifts is easy if you’re switching between sites like, and,, etc. The lowest gift price is out there. All you have to do is find it.

Give from your Heart

Consider what the gift recipients likes and dislikes.  What does the person talk about frequently? Where do they like to shop? What is their favorite color? What is there favorite sport or sports team? What kind of music do they listen to? Do they like to read? What are their hobbies? If you are stumped, ask those that know the recipient well for their thoughts.  Just remember, the best gifts are those that you took the time and effort to choose, paid attention to what the recipient likes, and selected a gift tailored to them.

Here is an example of the most memorable Christmas with my husband.  Well in advance of Christmas, we mutually agreed to limit our gifts to each other to five small presents.  We usually go all out on each other, but to curb our spending we came up with that plan. My husband said to himself “what comes in fives”?  He gave it some thought and came up with the five human senses…sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  Each one of his gift selections represented each one of the five senses.  For sight he chose a book from my favorite author, for hearing a CD from my favorite musician, for smell my favorite perfume, for taste a box of my favorite dark chocolates, and for touch a beautiful outfit.  I loved the gifts, but the thought he put into his selections was so heartwarming and sincere. I will always treasure that Christmas memory!

Here is another example of a very thoughtful gift.  Another Christmas my daughter gathered all my photos of herself and my son during their childhood years.  She painstakingly put them into chronological order and assembled them into several beautiful albums.  That took a lot of thought and effort on my daughters part, which I sincerely appreciated so very much.  I will treasure those albums forever!

Happy Shopping!

The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving
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