Gift Giving Tips for Easy Gift Shopping

We all love to receive gifts, whether it’s at Christmas, for a birthday, an anniversary, or other special occasion, right? And if you find pleasure in giving gifts, as well, here are a few gift giving tips that may make your gift shopping a more enjoyable experience.

KEEP A CURRENT GIFT LISTgift giving tips

One of the most important gift giving tips may seem obvious, but keeping an up to date gift list of occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries of your family and friends is the best way to stay organized.  You will not forget any of your gift giving occasions and will have the time to select the best gifts for each occasion.


Do some research before buying gifts. You can easily read online product reviews of the gift you are considering at places like or most online retail sites.  Many consumers are more than willing to share their opinions of products they have purchased.


Do some price comparisons to be sure you get the best price for the gifts you purchase.  Have you really thought about how much money you spend on gifts during the year? While most of us spend more gift giving tipsduring Christmas, just think about all the other gifts we buy throughout the year.  There are always birthday gifts to buy, but think about the other gift giving occasions such as welcoming a new baby, a graduation, an anniversary or wedding. The list of occasions goes on and on.


Unless you know the gift recipient well enough to know their style and size, it is best to avoid buying clothes. A better alternative is to buy clothing accessories, such as scarves, gloves, etc.


This is another one of my gift giving tips especially if you now the recipient well. Really think about the gift recipient. Take the time to listen to people, and they will always tell you what they like. Put some thought into what their interests are. Do they have any particular hobbies? What do they enjoy doing for fun? This should give you some great gift ideas.


This is one of my gift giving tips that I think is very important. When buying for young children, it is a good idea to check with the parent to see what type of toys the child enjoys. This is also a good idea so you do not make the mistake of buying something the child does not like or already has.  Have you ever witnessed a young child open a gift that he or she does not like or already has? This can be embarrassing for both you and the parents.


Okay, this is my favorite one of my gift giving tips. There is certainly nothing wrong with giving gift cards!  In fact, I prefer to give giftgift giving tips cards. But, be a little creative with it. Please, don’t just give a gift card inside a greeting card. This may indicate that you did not take any time at all to give a heartfelt gift.

Presentation of a gift cannot be understated, but this is especially true when giving a gift card.

Here are a few examples to consider when giving gift cards to show you put some thought into your gift.

  • Gift Card to a Restaurant – If it is a BYOB restaurant, you could include a bottle of wine.
  • Coffee Shop Gift Card – Okay, this is an easy one….include a new mug!
  • Gasoline Gift Card – Why not include a new key chain along with the gift card?  Or you can place the gift card in a travel mug.
  • Office Supply Store – Include some inexpensive items such as colorful notepads, pens, etc.
  • Home Store Gift Card – Include some spices, hot pads, kitchen towels, monogrammed hand towels or a set of coasters.
  • Baby Gift – Include a plush baby toy with a set of bibs. A mother can never have enough bibs.
  • Movie Theater Gift Card – Purchase a popcorn container and fill it with the gift card and a box or two of movie-size candy.
  • Garden Store Gift Card – Purchase a small planter and add the gift card along with a couple packets of flower seeds and gardening gloves and you have the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

These are just a few ideas to give you the picture. Simply include a small inexpensive gift along with the gift card. Make a pretty wrapping with a hand written note to give your gift special meaning!

Most importantly, don’t let the art of gift giving become a stressful and dreaded experience. Listen, ask questions, do some research, give your gift some heartfelt thought, and I’m sure your gift will be greatly appreciated!

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