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Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Selecting chocolate gift baskets for that upcoming special occasion can be a simple way to send some good wishes in a unique way!

So the next time you’re looking for unique gift ideas to celebrate a special occasion, to send a thank you, or simply cheer someone up, chocolate gift baskets offer plenty of opportunities to make it a memorable event!

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Classic

Chocolate gift baskets can range from simple assortments of quality chocolate bars and baked treats, to elaborate basket filled with the recipients favorite brands of confections. From tempting truffles to decadent cookies, you’re sure to find something special for that upcoming event or occasion.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Chocolate gift baskets make great hostess gifts for a dinner party, a birthday celebration, or even as a get well soon gift for someone who is ill. Filled with samplers of premium brands and classic chocolate bars, chocolate gift baskets make it easy to send a memorable gift. For the recipient who has a gourmet sweet tooth, a variety of premium assortments and confections are available from the worlds finest chocolatiers.

chocolate gift baskets

Golden Godiva Tower

Milk chocolate, caramel-filled squares, dark chocolate truffles, and exotic candies make it easy to create a customized chocolate gift basket for any chocolate lover. Dark chocolate squares and milk chocolate balls can be used as fillers to create a unique assortment, along with giant chocolate bars, coffee samplers, and boxes of mint chocolates. All of these can be included in any size basket, creating a signature gift with the recipients favorite tastes in mind.

chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate Survival Kit

Gourmet baskets filled with chocolates, snacks, and gourmet baked treats offer another opportunity to indulge. When you’re looking for a gift that provides some unique dessert options for a celebration dinner, anniversary, or even a wedding party, chocolate gift baskets filled with baked treats offer an alternative to standard gifts. These chocolate gift baskets can be made with an assortment of brownies, cookies, and other delights that are a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys sweet treats on a regular basis. They’re also a great option as a thank you or congratulations token of appreciation, and can be shared with the entire family or group.

chocolate gift baskets

Ghirardelli Galore

Chocolate gift baskets are the perfect addition to any upcoming celebration, and can be created in a variety of unique ways. From the simple box of chocolate treats to elaborate bouquets with classic confections, you’re sure to find something to suit any sweet tooth!

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An Introduction to Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets Make the Perfect Gift

Gourmet gift baskets are usually a collection of items attractively presented and based on a common theme. Gourmet gift baskets can be a delightful expression of any sentiment.  Gift baskets can easily be customized to suit an individual or group and is a creative and unique concept.


Loaded with goodies, a gift basket is sure to please, especially when in doubt about what to give. For special people, this personalized gift is ideal. Wouldn’t you say that the thrill of receiving numerous thoughtful presents is often greater than opening just one? The variety of choices available in gourmet gift baskets is truly unbelievable. Be it Christmas or Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new baby, new home, promotions or business, there is something for any occasion or holiday!

ng5252lgConsisting of the finest foods and beverages, exotic and adventurous, gourmet gift baskets are hugely popular as the ideal gifts. For Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays, there are Kosher gift baskets. Or, for Christmas, there are hampers with cookies to cakes, liqueurs to chocolates, caviar to cheese–all delectable. Chocolate gift baskets with Belgian manons, French bonbons, Swiss treats, exquisite chocolates with enhanced fruit and nut flavors, chocolate pretzels and cookies, candy canes, tasty truffles in great shapes and lovely wrapping are all simply heavenly for the chocoholic.


There are elegant gift baskets of assorted wine and cheese; premium choices like Dom Perignon Champagne, CK Mondavi Chardonnay, CK Mondavi Merlot, or Moet  and Chandon White Star Champagne; cheese from around the world—endless choices such as American Humboldt Fog; Blue cheese like Roquefort; Belgian Chimay with Beer; English Dorset drum cheddar or White Stilton with Apricot; Brown Ale cheese; champagne cheese like Brie; Dutch Dorothea; Italian cooking cheese like Reggiano or Parmigiano; French Camembert or Gruyere; German Tilsit; and so many more. Versatile in every way— in taste and texture, in origin and in combination, there is no better gourmet gift!


Do not forget an array of meats either: fresh, smoked, grilled, stuffed, roasted, and cooked in different regional styles. Consider unusual choices like venison, elk, kangaroo, or delicious variations of poultry, pork, lamb, and beef or veal. These gourmet meats are unmatched in quality. With smoked fish, caviar, lobsters and shrimps, a seafood basket is a delicious fiesta for the seafood lover. Flavorful and healthy teas or coffees and savory condiments are also exciting picks.

The list is endless. You can make anything special if you put your heart and mind into it. Celebrate life and all its special events with a memorable gourmet gift basket.

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