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Personalized Gifts – A New Trend in Gift Giving

Giving personalized gifts is a new trend in gift giving, because they solve a difficult dilemma for many gift shoppers.

For example, what do you get the person who has everything? Or, what can you buy the person who is just hard to buy for, is very picky or doesn’t have many interests?  Unfortunately, those are a few questions that plague millions of Christmas gift buyers every year and can make the holiday gift buying season very stressful.

Do you aimlessly wander the local malls and aisles of department stores in search of an inspirational moment that will lead to the perfect gift? What do you get for someone who has a lot of money, does not really need anything, rather eclectic or has expensive hobbies you cannot possibly afford to support? What about the person who you do not know all that well, but whose invitation has left you feeling obligated to come with a gift in hand?

Many a time in the past, you have probably given in to giving a gift card. And you have succumbed to the promise of ease in gift giving by simply purchasing a little piece of plastic that entitles its bearer to purchase anything they like for the gift card amount.  Sure, when your card was opened you felt a pang of guilt and a moment of shame at your open capitulation and admission that you could not think of anything that the recipient of your gift card would have enjoyed. Fortunately, there is a way out of this dilemma!

Personalized Gifts Have Distinct Advantage

Personalized gifts are a new trend in gift giving and there are so many options from which to choose.  With just a little effort you can find something for even the most difficult gift recipients on your gift list.

Personalized gifts have a very distinct and unique advantage.  They combine the mundane with the extravagant.

For example, a towel is so ordinary, yet a towel with the recipient’s monogram or perhaps even name embroidered on it is a rare gift. Sure, not everyone will enjoy receiving a towel for his or her birthday, but let’s think about it a little further.  What about baby gifts! Did you know that a towel, blanket, and bib make for an okay gift, but have the child’s name embroidered on these same items, and now you have an automatic keepsake!

Golf balls are another good example. For the avid golfer in your family or circle of friends, a box of the best golf balls is still just a box of golf balls. But with his or her name or initials, and perhaps an anniversary date or retirement date engraved on them, suddenly this humble gift becomes one of thoughtful contemplation and a well wish all of their own!

The possibilities of personalized gifts truly are endless, and many a gift giver has already recognized the potential of this avenue. It is no wonder that these gifts are becoming so popular whether it be for holiday gifts, birthday gifts or any other gift giving occasion.

Happy Shopping!

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Holiday Gifts for Women

Yes, I know, we women are mysterious creatures.  But one thing most of us have in common is we like receiving gifts.  Just remember, there is a caveat when it comes to giving gifts to women. We don’t want blenders, self-help books, or vacuums.  In simple terms, we like gifts that make us feel good.

If you want to make the ladies in your life happy, you need to follow a few simple rules.

No Joint Use Gifts

If you’re in a relationship, never buy “joint use” gifts unless previously agreed upon.  For example, buying your sweetheart a 60″ LED TV when you live together may send the message that the gift is really for you.

No Appliances

Do not, and I repeat, do not buy your significant other an appliance for Christmas. Believe me, if she wants a new blender, she will by one herself.

Buy the Right Size

If you buy a women on your list an article of clothing, which is generally inadvisable, make sure you know her size.  You don’t want to buy something too big or too small.  And if you buy her lingerie, give it to her in private.  You don’t want to explain to her nieces and nephews what a lace negligee is!

Know When to Avoid Lavish Gifts

When buying for colleagues, bosses, and acquaintances, don’t buy too lavish a gift.  Buying an expensive gift can send the wrong message or make the gift recipient uncomfortable because her gift to you was moderate in comparison.

Avoid Embarrassment

Think about how the recipient will interpret your gift choice.  For example, would your sister appreciate the sentiment behind your choice of anti-cellulite cream or a book on how to lose weight?  Or, do you want the girl you’ve gone on two dates with to read more into your relationship by giving her expensive diamond earrings?

In general, try to find out something about the recipient, so that you can purchase a thoughtful gift that she’ll love.

In the event that you’re completely clueless, pick something from this list and you’ll avoid the bad gift blacklist for another year.

Top Gifts Suggestions for Her:

Designer Handbag

You can never go wrong with a designer handbag or wallet.  Most major department stores have a variety of designer bags to choose from.  Rely on the sales staff to help you make the perfect choice.

Theater or Show Tickets

Whether it is for a concert, a play or other type of performance, buy her a pair of tickets.  Make it clear that these tickets are for her and a friend and are for a performance that she has a particular interest in. You wouldn’t want to her to think that these tickets are really for you!


When buying cosmetics, stay away from items like foundation, powder, and blush.  These things are extremely individual and women like to pick the beauty staples out themselves.  Eye shadow, lip gloss and nail polish palettes that include a wide variety of colors make wonderful gifts for women.  There is always a color she will like.

Pretty Makeup Bags

Most women like make up products and pretty makeup bags to keep their make up in.  There is a wide variety of styles to choose from and are easy to find in most drug, fashion boutiques or department stores.

Jewelry Storage

If the lady on your list already has a solid collection of jewelry, get her a stylish way to organize her jewelry.  For the woman on-the-go, give her the gift of tangle-free jewelry.  A jewelry roll lets her travel in style.  These are easy to find on-line.


Many women love receiving jewelry.  Just use good judgment when selecting jewelry items to be sure the cost of the jewelry is appropriate for the woman you are buying for. A watch always makes a great gift.  To some women, a watch is more than a useful item rather it is used for fashion.  And today bangle bracelet watches are quite popular, fashionable and inexpensive.

Music Boxes

Music boxes make a very nice gift for women of all ages from teens to grandmothers.  They are available in a variety of themes, colors, finishes, inlays, sizes and songs.  And music boxes range in price  so you will be able to find something appropriate.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are much appreciated and there are so many selections to choose from.  Picture frames, wall art, mugs, key chains, book marks and jewelry are just a few suggestions.  Visit an online website that specializes in personalized gifts and your choices are almost endless.

Scented Candles

Many women love candles, and it is an appropriate gift for virtually every women on your list.  Yankee Candles offers a wide variety to candles and candle holder gifts to choose from.

Reed Diffusers

The hottest trend in home fragrance is reed diffusers, and the women on your list will appreciate your foresight.  You can find these online or in most department stores.  Pier One Imports always has a nice selection of reed diffusers.

Bath Gift Sets

Show her you know a thing or two about luxury.  Bath & Body Works has a tremendous selection of bath gift sets with many aromas to choose from. The store staff will be happy to help you make the appropriate selection.  Drug and department stores also carry a good selection of bath gift sets.  Include a super soft over-sized towel, too.  It’s such a wonderful feeling emerging from the shower and enveloping yourself in a luxurious, oversized bath towel.  Surprisingly, many women don’t buy these for themselves.  So step up to the plate and dazzle her.


Show her you care about her feelings with a journal or luxury notebook for jotting notes or even shopping lists.  This makes a perfect gift for sisters, nieces, co-workers and acquaintances. Book stores usually have a good variety of journals and luxury journals.

Scarves or Shawls

Whether it is a luxurious cashmere scarf or shawl, they make great gifts and are well received by most women of all ages.  Infinity scarves are especially popular today.  You can easily find these items in department stores, women’s apparel shops and online.  Choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes, so she can wrap up in style and luxury any time she chooses.

Comfy Throw

Picture her curled up on the couch with a good book, hot chocolate and a soft blanket on a cold winter night.  If she’s your girlfriend or wife, maybe she’ll even share.

Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate Lovers

Does the woman on your list love tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?  If so, then she’ll love a gift set or gift basket of her favorite hot beverage. You can get a little creative and package a variety of teas in a pretty tea pot some tea cookies.  Or you can find gift baskets online or at a coffee shop store like Starbucks.

Say It with Chocolate

Sure, you can always buy her Godiva, but why not fill her stocking with more exotic chocolates?  The Grand Collection from Chocolate Celeste features heavenly flavors like amaretto, key lime, chili pepper, coconut, Dulce de leche, golden cinnamon, red raspberry, champagne, Chai, milk chocolate parfait, need I say more?


Perfume is a tricky gift.  Unless you know the women really well, I suggest a different gift.  However, if she’s asked for perfume or you know she’s open to trying new things then by all means go for it.

Gifts for Her Pets

If the women on your list has a pooch, chances are the little fur ball is like a child to her.  Giving her a gift for the dog will show how sensitive and thoughtful you are.

Gift Certificate to a Spa

This is one gift certificate that’s far from impersonal.  Go to Google, type in “day spas” along with your city name, and most of the time you can order a gift certificate online.

Gift Certificate to Department Stores

When you’re buying for women you don’t know well, like a second cousin or your 14 year old niece who lives in Idaho, a gift certificate to a large department store is great because she can shop for whatever she wants.  Women and girls like clothes and since they are so hard to buy for someone else, a gift certificate covers your bases.  It also gives her something to look forward to after all of the other presents are opened.

Hope this article gives you some good ideas for shopping for all those women in your life. I also invite you to visit my gift websites listed below, where you can find many of the items I suggested above or just give you some more ideas!

Happy Shopping!

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Advantages of Shopping Early for Holiday Gifts

Shopping early for holiday gifts certainly has its advantages. Timing is very important when you are shopping for holiday gifts.  And, if you are like a lot of people, you wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, even though you know this is probably the worst approach.

Shopping at the last minute may pose a number of shopping headaches.  Firstly, all of the other last minute shoppers are going to be doing the same thing as you, so the stores are going to be more crowded. Secondly, although most stores may be having holiday sales, the prices are not as low as they may have been had you done your holiday shopping a couple of months in advance. Finally, last minute holiday shoppers will also find that the most popular items have already been sold out.  Shoppers may have to visit a number of stores to find a specific item, only to find the price highly inflated.  So, if you have a pretty good idea about what you want to purchase ahead of time, it’s advisable that you go out and start shopping as early as possible.  And do take advantage of internet shopping to save yourself a lot of time.

When you do your holiday shopping early, you will not only find that the prices are generally less expensive, but you are almost guaranteed to find the items you’re looking for in stock. When you shop for holiday gifts as the holiday approaches, the products seem to fly off the shelves, and it can be very difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. You are then forced to either settle for an alternate holiday gift, or you have to shop at another store altogether.  And, you’re still not guaranteed that the item will be in stock there either. If you want good deals and the guarantee that the merchandise you want is in stock, then start your holiday shopping at least two, preferably three months in advance.

If you have to shop at the last minute, in the case that someone new just came into your life or you forgot to include someone on your gift list, then you may be forced to fight the crowds.  You may end up being disappointed in finding that the items you’re looking for are no longer in stock. However, online shopping is also an option you may want to consider. You can peruse various online stores and have your order shipped to you in one or two days. But, be prepared because it is going to cost a lot more for rush shipping, but at least you know your holiday gift will get there in time.

If the reasons mentioned so far aren’t enough to convince you to do your holiday shopping early, then maybe you’ll be more inclined to shop early for health reasons. If you do your holiday shopping early, it will be a lot less stressful on you.

Two of the top stressors in our life are time and money. By doing your shopping early, you can reduce these stresses because you’ll probably spend a lot less money than you would if you wait until the last minute. Also, you’ll save time because you won’t have to wait in long lines at the checkout, or run from store to store searching for a specific item that is sold out. You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that you can gradually shop throughout the year rather than doing it all at once.  This certainly is much easier on your budget and you are less likely to run up your credit cards on holiday gift purchases.

Unfortunately, most of us are procrastinators by nature. Try shopping early one year, and find out what it’s like to have all your shopping done well in advance of the holidays. You’ll be amazed at the difference and how much more enjoyable you will find the holidays!

Happy Shopping!

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Personalized Gifts Grand Opening

Personalized Gifts Grand Opening

I’m happy to announce my Personalized Gifts Grand Opening.  My online gift shop, now offers Personalized Gifts with free engraving and free personalization. And it is here just in time for the holidays!

There is something for everyone on your gift list. We have gifts for her, for him, mothers and fathers, grandparents, children, teens, teachers, business clients, co-workers and pets and more!

Everyone loves to receive a specialized gift. They know you put a lot of time and effort into their gift selection.  Personalized gifts make great Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, wedding gifts and housewarming gifts and for just about any occasion when a gift is appropriate.

We also have a great selection of bridesmaids and groomsmen gift.

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Personalized Gifts

Happy Shopping!

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